Why the Drinking of Iced Water is so Dangerous For You?

Most of the people don’t know why drinking warm water is way better than drinking ice cold water. So, hopefully, this article will help you see things better.

However, you first need to try this:

Close your eyes and picture yourself being on a wooden dock that continues into a mountain lake. The sun is shining, birds are singing. The spring is wonderful. The top layer of the lake has just melted. Then you decide to dive in the lake.

Now, how is your body reacting? Are you feeling relaxed or constricted?

In case you did not know it, warm water relaxes the skin and opens the pores. While the cold water constricts it and closes the pores. So, the same happens to your digestive tract when you drink ice cold water.

What does cold water do to your body?

  • Your body uses more energy to regulate its temperature instead of absorbing nutrients and digesting food. This can lead to water loss.
  • Cold drinks also restrict digestion, shrink blood vessels and prevent hydration.
  • When drinking cold drinks while consuming food, cold temperature solidifies fat from the food you intake and your body cannot digest unwanted fats from the body properly.
  • If you prefer drinking cold water after your meals, your body deals with excess mucus, which influences the function of your immune system, therefore you have higher chances of catching a cold or struggling with a disease.

Many people think that cold water is useful in burning calories. However, you sure do not need your digestive system working harder. You can burn calories in numerous other ways, without affecting vital functions in your body.

Why is warm water better for you?

  • Stimulates digestive enzymes and improves digestion
  • Hydrates tissues faster
  • Improves better bowel movement. Try drinking warm lemon water in the morning
  • Your body breaks down food more efficiently
  • Increases natural detoxification in your body and cleanses blood through the kidneys, skin and lymphatic system

As soon as you decide to go for warm water or room temperature water, you will feel a better digestion and your body will feel much lighter after or during meals. Some people claim that drinking warm water has reduced their sugar cravings.



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