Salmon – Richness Of Taste

Salmon is one of the most popular meals that exist because with this meat you can do anything you like. It may be served raw, roasted, broiled, grilled, steamed, poached, smoked and salted.


The color of the meat depends on the food that the fish consumes. If it eats more shellfish such as shrimps and prawns, its meat will be redder. However, the color is not the only reason why its meat is so valuable. The wonderful taste and great content of omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins A, B and D make the salmon exquisitely nutritive.

In Scandinavian countries even centuries ago the salon meat was kept in a mixture of salt and sugar in order to remain fresh. This mixture took the water out of the meat and with this it gave it more intense taste, while the meat was additionally aromatized with sweet spice notes, pepper and lemon. Because the salmon likes cold, clear and rich in oxygen water, the most of this fish is distributed from the Northern waters. Salmon is raised on sea farms on the coast of Scotland and Ireland as well as in Norwegian fjords. Because this fish swims in cold waters with strong sea currents its meat becomes strong and low in fat.

Interesting bites with salmon

  • Pieces of salmon may be put on stick
  • Salmon may be deep fried in dough
  • May be used as side dish with potato soup
  • May be combined with soya sauce and sesame
  • Salted or smoked salmon may be combined with cheese in small pancakes or mini dough
  • May be used in combination with scrambled eggs and fresh vegetables
  • Raw salmon may be used in sushi

Advice: If you want to cut a piece of raw salmon into thin pieces then you should freeze it a bit because in that case it won’t be destroyed under the pressure of our fingers.

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