People Are Sharing Video of a Black Kid and a White Kid Hugging to Remind Us of How We Need to Be Right Now !

Although adults have a duty to teach children how to deal with the challenges in life, there are many things they can learn from their children as well. This can be primarily related to children’s honesty and the way they feel about humanity without introducing into it any prejudices that adults very often do.

Tensions across the USA are currently reaching a breaking point

After the unfortunate incident that took place on May 25, when police officers tried to arrest George Floyd on suspicion of forgery and an unfortunate end to his death, thousands and thousands of people took to the streets to fight the rampant racism in this country.

The suspect, Floyd George, who was only forty-six years old, was arrested in his car but police used excessive force when he was knocked to the ground and a police officer pressed his knee against his neck for an extended period of time.

Many people who went out to protest believe this type of shameful violence has been happening within the police force, primarily against black men and women, for decades, but Floyd’s recent death has sparked anger and unrest to unprecedented levels.

The arguing of the multiple witnesses with the officers started when the man started to lose consciousness, but they didn’t respond properly, and when an ambulance arrived, he was completely unresponsive and he was later pronounced dead in the hospital.

Because the police officers involved in this case absolutely haven’t shown an emotion, regret, or urgency they have been fired and after many reactions from the officials and public officer Derek Chauvin – the man seen kneeling on George’s neck has been arrested and taken into custody by the Minnesota BCA.

But, despite his arrest and charging with murder in the third degree and manslaughter, the wound from George’s shocking death is still very raw. Following the footages connected with that violation and what happens now in many places in the USA millions of people remain both heartbroken and disgusted.

Many people are feeling completely hopeless because of the fact that this blatant racism is happening now more and more, so they express their hurt and their anger at the injustice, and the things very quickly turned violent.

A reminder that not everything is so dire in this world

Now, when the Americans living in crisis areas are in incredibly difficult times, it is necessary to make superhuman efforts to make people more cohesive and continue to live in existence for each other regardless of their race and background.

Wanting to improve the situation, people use all possible motivating methods on a daily basis, so they recently started posting again a video about the Finnegan and Maxwell boys you had the opportunity to see last year.

This can be a touching reminder that racism has no place in our world. Those 2 toddlers, from different races, running to greet each other, after forty-eight-hours apart could be a motivating factor for many who forgot or never even knew that, here on the globe is no place for racism.

DJ and music producer Kam Bennett reshared this video and it has over 11.5 million views since being shared on Saturday.

There’s nothing more important than friendship

Coming from different racial backgrounds was not the problem for Finnegan and Maxwell and their friendship, as we all probably have heard many times that “Nobody is born racist…”

It is also a very well-known fact that this ideology is pushed upon people from a young age, but it can be prevented if young people are educated right.

According to the study published in the Washington Post, having friends is a vital part of childhood, especially in the preschool, because it ensures that kids have an overall happy and well-rounded growth. Friendship is helpful in increasing a sense of belonging and developing social and emotional skills, while it can decrease stress successfully.

Making Friends

Even there are many stories of friendship, we would like to share one more story of a little boy named Connor, who has autism.

Children with autism are known to be very intelligent, however, many of them have difficulties to socialize themselves and make friends. It happens with Connor, too, when he was dropped off at the school gates for his first day of school. His first reaction was followed by crying.

The problem was solved by the unselfish help of his new classmate, Christian, who consoled him by holding his hand and walking him into the classroom. Since then they have become the best friends and according to Connor’s mom, they are now inseparable.

Learning from Children

Very intense friendships can be specifically known for children, and what the two examples above showed us that we adults could really learn from them about friendship and respecting others, without prejudice.

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