The FDA has issued its newest report stating what we all knew for so long and finally admitting that the chicken meat sold on the market is loaded with arsenic. Arsenic is one of the most toxic chemicals and it has been associated with many serious diseases like cancer. It`s been a long time that people speculate about this, but now it`s official.

To make the matter even worse, the new report, issued by the IATP, claims that this toxin is actually deliberately injected in the meat. According to this report 70% of the chickens in America contain high amounts of arsenic. Arsenic is injected in the chickens to make them bigger.

According to the FDA, half of the tested chickens were found positive on arsenic and the toxin was found mostly in the liver. The type of arsenic used for the chickens is known as Roxarsone. This drug is produced by the company Pfizer and the FDA asked the company to stop the production of this drug.

The FDA, even after this shocking discovery, continues claiming that the amount of arsenic injected in the meat is not harmful and within the limits that are allowed and that the chicken meat is safe for consumption. On the other hand, a lot of studies show that arsenic is very harmful neurotoxin and carcinogen chemical.

A study also shows that arsenic is as harmful as lead and mercury and it can impair the normal development of the fetus in pregnant women.  The study also shows that arsenic is even 4 times more harmful and poisonous than mercury and much more dangerous than any other heavy metal.

According to another study arsenic is associated with respiratory problems, bladder and liver damage, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Even though the FDA claims that small amount of this toxin in the meat is nothing to worry about since is not dangerous, it`s always better to consume organic meat. This way you will be sure that the meat you consume is safe and you will protect the health.

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