This Is Why So Many Women Suffer From Chronic Bloating

Stomach bloating has become so common these days that some would even go as far to say it’s an epidemic. But with women it seems to occur much more frequently. Is it because they ate too much of one of their favorite foods? Is it because they dared to have a glass of wine and didn’t drink enough water?

They might feel that there is no end to their bloating and they know they’re not alone in it. With that said, could constant bloating be the cause of an unhealthy diet? Or is it possible that there is a scientific reason why women are more bloated than men?

One doctor has come forward and has declared that there is a reason why women are more constantly bloated than men.

Dr. Robynne Chutkan, a gastroenterologist and founder of the Digestive Centre for Women in Washington D.C., explains that women are more commonly bloated then men because they have larger intestines.

She is correct in that aspect; women do have a larger colon than men. On average, a women’s colon is 10cm longer than a man’s, usually to allow them to absorb more water or fluid during pregnancy.

Chutkan explains her findings “Because you have to keep the amniotic fluid replete, and the circulation and blood volume increases during pregnancy.”

She also points out why constant bloating occurs for women “that extra length in the colon does is create this redundancy, these sorts of extra twists and turns, and that’s why women are so much more bloated and constipated than their male counterparts.”

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